glossario de termos tecnicos em ingles

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    Antiestatic agent Antioxidant Antistatic Appearance Applications Assembly Atactic polymer Atmosphere Atom Attempts Attractive forces Attrition coefficient Automotive Auxiliary equipment Back pressure Bands Barrel Barrel cooling Barrel heating Barrier Basic setting Batch Behavior Biaxilly-oriented Bifunctional mer Binder Biopolymers Black-brown specks Black-brown streaks Blemish Blend Blister Block copolymer Blooming 2

    Casting rubber Catalyzer Cavity Cavity insert Cavity plate set Cavity pressure Cavity surface Cavity wall Chain Chain fold Chain reaction Chain transfer Chemistry Chemical Chemical bond Chemical composition Chemical degradation Chemical properties Chemical resistance Chemical structure Chill roll Chillers Circlip Clamping force Clamping plate Clamping pressure Clamping system Clamping tonnage Clamping unit Coating Coefficient of friction Coextrusion Coil heater Cold drawing Colorant 4

    Commodity plastics Comonomer Compatibility Components Composite Composition Compound Compression Compression molding Compression zone Condensation polymerization Conduction Configuration Conformation Control cabinet Convection Convergent flow Conveyed forward Cool Cooling Cooling Cooling channel Cooling circuit Cooling line connection Cooling system Cooling time Copolymer Coupling Crack Crazing Creep Cross-flow shrinkage Crosslink Crosslinked Crosslinked polymer 5

    Crosslinks Crystalline Crystalline polymer Crystalline structures Crystallinity Crystallite Crystallization Crystals Cure Cure reaction Curing Cycle Cycle time Cylinder Cylinder barrel Decompression Deep screw Deformation Deforming force Degradation Degradation Degradation products Degrade Degree of crystalization Degree of crystallinity Degree of polymerization Demoulding Density Depth Descompression Designed screw Diagrams Die Die cooling Die flow channel 6

    Die gap Die shoe Die swell Dilatant Dimensional stability Dipole-dipole bond Dipping Discoloration Distortion Dosing time Double mold cavity Dowel pin Dowel slot Downstream equipment Downtime Drape forming Drawing Drive system Drive unit Drooling Dry cycle time Drying Ductile Ductility Dust contamination Ejector (moving) half Ejector bolt Ejector housing Ejector pin Ejector plate Ejector retainer plate Elasticity Elastomers Embed 7

    Glassy Graft copolymer Graft polymer Grafted Guide pins Hand operation Harden Hardening Head pressure Heat Heat content Heat distortion temperature Heat exchangers Heat sensitive material Heat transfer Heated Heater Heater Bands Heating channels Heating station Heating system Heavy-duty High activation energy High density High density polyethylene High molding pressure High restriction die High-impact plastic High-performance plastic materials Holding time Holding pressure Hole Hollow Homogenization Homopolymer 10

    Hook Hooked Hopper Hopper dryer Hot melt Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic injection cylinder Hydraulic system Hydraulic valves Hydrocarbon Hydrogen bond Impact strenght Impact testing India rubber Inertness Inflated Inherent stresses Inherent viscosity Initiating agent Initiation Injection Injection machine Injection moldable Injection molding Injection molding automated Injection molding fusible core Injection molding melt extractor Injection molding multi-live feed Injection molding nozzle extended Injection molding nozzle shut-off Injection molding plasticating Injection molding reciprocating Injection molding stages Injection molding two stage unit Injection molding two-color 11

    Injection nozzle Injection piston Injection plunger Injection pressure Injection speed Injection unit Interlocking Intrusion Isomeric Isomerism Isoprene rubber Isotactic Isotactic configuration Join Knit lines Knitting Labels Lacquer Lamellae Laminar flow L?ítex Lay-flat width Leader pin Leakage Length Light transmittance Linear chain Linear expansion Linear polymer Lining Link Living polymer Load Locating ring Locking force 12

    Low density polyethylene Low molding pressure Low restriction die Low temperature Lubricant Lubrication Machine Machine components Macromolecule Makeup Manufacture Masterbach Mean temperature Mechanical deformation Mechanical properties Melt Melt (flow) index test Melt accumulator Melt flow index Melt flow properties Melt fracture Melt index Melt pool Melt spinning Melt temperature Melt-fed extruder Melting Melting point Melting rate Mer Metering section Metering zone Mixing capacity Modifiers 13

    Modulus relaxation Moisture content Mold Mold base Mold bottom plate Mold cavity Mold cavity retainer Mold closing Mold cold runner Mold cooling Mold cooling channel Mold core pin plate Mold corrosion resistance Mold ejection Mold ejection mark Mold ejector sleeve Mold ejector spider Mold flash Mold gate bush Mold gate fan Mold gate mark Mold gate scar Mold gate size Mold heating channel Mold land area Mold latch plate Mold line Mold locating ring Mold locking force Mold protection Mold venting Mold vents Moldable Molding Molding process 14

    Molecular network Molecular structure Molecular weight Molecule Molten state Monomer Morphology Motion Moving plate Movable clamping plate Natural polymer Natural rubber Neck Neck pinchoff Necking down Network polymer Newtonian fluid Non-free flowing Non-newtonian fluid Nonpolar Nozzle Oil Oil tank Oligomer Opacity Orientation Output Overpacking Oxidation Oxidative degradation Pack Packaging Packing Packing 15

    Paint Parison Part Part cavity Parting line Pattern Pellet Pellets Permeability Pigment Plastic Plastic film Plastic melt Plastic wrap Plasticating unit Plasticizer Plasticizing capacity Plastics Plastify Plug for cooling line connection Plunger Polarity Polyvinyl chloride Polyaddition Polyamide Polycarbonate Polycondensation Polydispersion Polyethylene Polyethylene terephthalate Polymer Polymer blend Polymer chain Polymer degradation Polymeric materials 16

    Polymerized Polypropylene Polystyrene Polyurethane (PU) Position Power law model Pressure Pressure loses Pressure transducer Program Pump Pumps Purge Quality control Radiation Random copolymer Rate Rate of deformation Raw material Reactant Reaction Reactive gases Recyclable Recycle Recycling Recycling of polymers Reheat Reheated Relative density Relative extrusion Relaxation Replace Replacing Reservoir Resin 17

    Soften Solid state Solidify Source Specialty Plastics Specific viscosity Specimen Spherulite Spin Splay Spring Stabilizer Staple fiber Stationary clamping plate Step reaction Stereo isomerism Stereo regularity Stiff Strain recovery Strength Stretch Stretch blowing Stretch rod extended Stretching Support pillar Syndiotatic Synthetic Synthetic polymer Synthetic resin Synthetic rubber Technical parts Techniques Temperature gradient Temperature level Temperature range 19

    Tenacity Tension Terpolymer Tetrapolymer Thermal properties Thermal transition Thermic behavior Thermocouple Thermoforming Thermoplastic Thermoplastic polymer Thermoset Thermoset polymer Thick fluid Tie bar To fill Ton Tool Toxicity Transparency Transparent Trapped gas Uncrosslinked Uniform coloration Uniform structure Unit of product Unsaturated Urea Vacuum forming Variabilities Variables Varnish Venting Vibration Viscoelasticity 20

    Viscosity Void Volatile components Volatility Vulcanization Wall thickness Warp Warpage Waste Waste mix Water-cooled Water-resistant Worn out Wrinkle Yarn Yield Yield Stress Organizadores: Professor Gilberto Pavani.

    Alunos colaboradores: Todos os Termopl?ísticos 21 Viscosidade Bolhas Componentes vol?íteis Volatilidade Vulcaniza?º?úo Espessura da parede Empenar Empenamento, deforma?º?úo Res?¡duo Mistura de res?¡duos Resfriado ?á agua Resistente ?á ?água Gasto Ruga Multifilamento Rendimento Nto de Escoamento